Volunteer to help at Beit Emanuel

Beit Emanuel needs just the right combination of funding and voluntary service in order to achieve its objectives.
Opportunities to volunteer, time and skills are almost endless, but we have summarised most of the opportunities in a matrix. This document accompanies the electronic version of this Bulletin, and has also been published on the Beit Emanuel website. Go to Community, Please Volunteer! or the following URL: http://www.beitemanuel.co.za/community/please-volunteer/.
The emphasis from 2012 onwards will be on working teams, rather than committees or sub-committees. (There is no requirement that volunteers serve on the Management Committee (Mancom) or attend Mancom Meetings.) Unless otherwise specified, multiple “vacancies” exist for each portfolio.To volunteer, simply complete a “Mitzvah Card” and drop it in the donations box in the foyer, or send a brief e-mail to the office, ilana@beitemanuel.co.za.

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