Help send a channie to Netzer’s summer camp

As you know, Netzer’s summer Machaneh (this year the name is Machaneh Lazuz – to move) is coming closer and closer and as a non-profit youth organisation who turns no one away based on financial reasons, our finances are struggling more than a bit. I am appealing to Beit Emanuel on behalf of Netzer South Africa to please help us out with any donations and funds that might be able to be contribute towards us. (See attachments)
Netzer South Africa is a movement for empowering the youth through teaching them about Judaism and Leadership all in the hope that one day our kids will be the next leaders of the Jewish community, and, when our time comes to leave, the leaders of Netzer – the youth movement for the Reform movement. Any donations and funds are more than greatly appreciated and welcomed.
Just for interest’s sake – about 60% of our channichim who attend Netzer’s summer Machaneh are from Beit Emanuel, and as we never turn anyone away based on a financial basis (as mentioned above), most of our fundraised and donated money goes towards providing subsidies for our channichim. We are currently in need of a rough estimation of R40 000-R50 000 in order for every channich/a who would like to come on camp to attend and be successfully subsidised.
Unfortunately, in this day, the economy is weak, and we are really struggling to get funds as most people find themselves in this trying situation. Our regular donors are not able to donate as much as usual – and it is more than understandable. However, we still need to find these funds and donations. Therefore, this request is rather urgent and in a way a desperate plea to please help Netzer South Africa.
If you are able to assist in any way, your donation – however large or small – would be greatly appreciated by our kids and by the leadership of our outstanding youth group.
Please send your donation to Beit Emanuel in the normal way, but mark your cheque or EFT as being for SACTOM, and help Beit Emanuel and Netzer send every last Channie to Machaneh.

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