Plenty of Netzer activities in past weeks

In the last couple of weeks, Netzer has had several activities in the Joburg area!
We had an afternoon of activities at Beit Emanuel which was attended by about 15 youngsters aged between 14-18.
Two groups enjoyed a Peula (A Netzer oriented activity) which was followed by a bonfire where we ate toasted marshmallows, played guitar and sang songs. A great time was had by all.
Last week we had the Netzer Sukkot Sleep-Over at Bet David which was a great success! We ate in the Sukkah, enjoyed Sukkot activities and watched a movie together.
Thanks to everyone who helped us arrange these events, especially the Maddies (counsellors) and the channies (kids) who participated!
Our next big event is the Netzer summer camp – “LAZUZ” for which we are preparing and working towards at ‘full steam!’

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