German Parliament supports religious circumcision for boys

The World Union for Progressive Judaism, representing 1.8 million Jews in 45 countries around the world greets with joy and gratitude the resolution of the German Parliament supporting religious circumcision of boys. Such a law will bring great comfort to Jews around the world, and sends the important message that Jews will remain comfortable living in Germany and continuing to practice our ancient rite of initiation into our sacred Covenant with God. The World Union wishes to express its particular gratitude to Chancellor Angela Merkel and those lawmakers who supported her for the sensitivity that led to her quick intervention on this matter. Rabbi Stephen Lewis Fuchs, President, Michael Grabiner, Chair, Leslie Bergman, President, European Union for Progressive Judaism (EUPJ), Dr. Philip Bliss, Chair of Advocacy Committee, Sonja Guentner, President, Union of Progressive Judaism (UPJ), Germany.

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