Kiddies’ Corner takes off!

We are delighted to announce that our Kiddies’ Corner was “launched” on Friday, 20 April 2012, and was an immediate hit with toddlers and parents alike. Kiddies’ Corner will operate every week during the Friday evening service, and is located in the Janks Hall (next to the sanctuary), to the right of the stage.
A huge thanks to Hester Hollander and Paula Plit for running with this, along with Ilana Alroy from the shul office. Thanks also to Nicola Rutherford and the Shakinovsky family for their contributions in kind.
Additional donations in cash or kind are always welcome. Anyone wishing to volunteer to take a turn at looking after the kids should contact the shul office.
Arrangements for festival evening and morning services will be advised in due course.
Please note that our Beit Emanuel/Netzer youth activities/services for kids of school-going age will still take place as usual on Friday evenings, upstairs in the Brasch Youth Lounge.
Russell Cohen, Chairman

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