Torah Breakfast: Prof David Bilchitz on Binding of Isaac

Shabbat morning at 8.30 a.m. Please join us for a light breakfast and listen to our guest speakers.
This week Prof. David Bilchitz will discuss:
What was Abraham’s Test in the Binding of Isaac?
This Torah breakfast will seek to offer a re-reading of the famous story of the Binding of Isaac which we read only two weeks ago. First, the traditional account will be engaged with and the difficult philosophical challenges it produces raised. Secondly, we will seek to explore textual clues that suggest the traditional account is not correct. The new reading raises enigmas of its own: come and be part of exploring the famous story of human beings grappling with the nature of God and morality.
Next Week: Lilian Krawitz
The last Torah Breakfast for this year will be on Saturday 3 December 2011 and will restart on Saturday14 January 2012.
If you have a birthday, an anniversary or similar occasion, why not share your special day by sponsoring a Torah breakfast? R150 will help cover the cost.

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