Netzer Machaneh 2011 summer camp

Netzer’s annual summer camp has proved to be a phenomenal inspiration to our youth, and this year we will continue to exceed people’s expectations. Netzer’s Machaneh Zricha in 2010 was the only Zionist South African camp to grow in numbers. Machaneh Shirat Ha Yam is going to take us to even greater heights! Camp forms available in the foyer. Sign up to avoid disappointment.
Jarred Durbach, Rosh Machaneh 2011, writes:
Long ago when the Jewish people left Egypt, they were led by Miriam, singing Shirat ha Yam, inspiring the people for the journey that lay ahead. This year’s Machaneh is themed Shirat Ha Yam – ‘Song of the Sea’! ‘Inspiring our journey’– our camp slogan, defines what our camp intends: To inspire all of our channichim (participants) to better themselves and the world around them! I believe that this year’s camp theme is the perfect stepping stone to creating an environment that encourages growth, learning and a summer to be remembered. Camp is always a time when the members of Netzer join together in song, creating a Kehilah Kadosha – ‘holy community’, just as Miriam’s people did all those years ago.
The dedicated Mazkirut of Netzer South Africa for 2011 have working incredibly hard for the better part of this year, ensuring that we will bring you the most fun-filled, educational and inspiring Machaneh that South Africa has seen yet!

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